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About Us

We are one of the General Insurance Brokers authorized by IRDA. We are in the market since 2012. Our mission is providing honest and best services to our customers to their satisfaction. Our Corporate Office in Coimbatore and Our Registered Office is at Thanjavur and we have branch at Pondicherry. Apart from serving the Corporates we are dealing in personal line insurances for the individual needs.

Our Directors are well qualified in general insurance. They have been in the field well before the broking concept was introduced in India. They were able to establish and prove their expertise in the insurance field to their clients. The clients who were benefitted from their advices are still with us and are confident that we would provide them with our best services always.

In addition to the knowledge in insurance and insurance policies we have very good experience in handling complicated claims situations which requires good understanding of the Client’s business. We have gained confidence out of our experience that we would overcome any difficulties and manage any claim.

As on date we have more than 100 clients consisting of individuals, small and medium and large enterprises in our client list. As a Broker we share with our client the attitudes of various Insurers towards premium rates and claims settlement. We would leave it to our client to select his Insurer and would render our services to the satisfaction of both of them.

Team Profile

Mr. B. Meenakshi Sundaram
Chairman & Principal Officer
Mobile No. (0) 94430 05656

Mr. M. Padmanabhan
Managing Director
Mobile No. (0) 98430 23643

Mr. S. Sekar
Mobile No. (0) 94860 16475